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Full Size Truck Tent

DAC, Inc. products include vehicle tents for SUVs (sport utility vehicles), minivans and trucks with camper shells, or caps. These tents convert your vehicle into a complete tent camping unit.

Our vehicle camping tents are ideal for vacationing, outdoor activities, fishing, hunting, tailgating, surfing, tenting, canoeing or just a relaxing day at your favorite escape.

DAC, Inc. was established in 1987. Our goal was to introduce a new product called the Camper Top Tent for trucks with camper shells, or caps. These “vehicle tents” allowed sportsmen and outdoorsmen the opportunity to incorporate their vehicle into their outdoor activity. In the mid-1990’s, with the popularity of minivans and SUVs, we developed the Explorer 2 Tent to fit those vehicles.

Through all of these products, emphasis has been to provide a compact, practical and functional product made with quality materials and workmanship. We believe our customers deserve no less. We have based our company on this premise.