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What holds the tent snug against the vehicle?

Heavy duty bungee cord stretches from the tent and attach to the vehicle’s frame by means of a heavy duty plastic coated coil hook.bungy-hook

If the bungee cords are too long, what do I do?

To shorten the bungee cord, simply determine the proper length for your vehicle, then tie a knot in the bungee cord at the coil hook.

What keeps rainwater from entering the sleeping area?

SUV’s and minivan’s openings are designed to route any outside water “around” the rear opening and onto the ground. Rainwater is not a problem for trucks with high-back camper shells. Trucks with flat-back camper shells can be parked so rainwater runs away from the rear opening, or chocks can be placed under the rear tires to slightly raise the rear of the vehicle.

What about insects entering the vehicle from the space between the tailgate and truck bed?

While the Camper Top Tents have bungee cord to draw the tent against the vehicle at the tailgate hinge, a beach towel or small carpet remnant place along this opening solves this problem easily.

Does the tent come in other colors?

Sorry, only blue walls and tan roof.