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The latest and greatest way to go camping these days is to simply jump in your SUV, drive to your destination and set up camp. But, before you leave, do not forget to pack your Explorer 2 Tent. The tent especially designed for SUV’s and Minivans from our company, DAC, Incorporated.

These SUV tents are great for SUV’s! If you have a SUV vehicle, you no longer have to look for hours for the perfect spot to pitch your tent when you go camping. And there is no need to dig up rocks and fill the hole with dirt to get a flat surface for your tent.

Just park your truck anywhere and pitch the tent directly on your truck faster than you can gather firewood from an old logging deck! With its simple design, it can be assembled within 5 minutes.


What Do SUV Tents Come With?


The SUV Tent is made from heavy duty polyester. The fabric is water repellent, flame and mildew resistant. It has a large no-see-um mesh door for easy entry and to let fresh air in, while keeping bugs out.

Outer door panels zip closed (with 2-way zippers) for privacy and protection against wind, rain and cold. Coated hooks on the ends of heavy duty bungee cord hold the tent securely against the vehicle.

The tent comes with its own carrying bag. Now, you can sleep comfortably and be up off the damp ground while you are camping. With an Explorer 2 tent, you don’t have to worry about the ground critters or mosquitoes.


SUV Tent Makes It Easy To Turn Your SUV Into A Campground On



If you have an SUV instead of a pickup truck, you can still go camping and keep up with the Our SUV Tent, the Explorer 2 Tent, allows you to incorporate your vehicle into the camping experience by turning your vehicle into a complete camping unit.

When using the SUV Tent Explorer 2 Tent, you are off the hard damp ground and away from those “creepy crawlers”. The tent handles wind and rain very well!

So, get out there and enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and camp in the best idea in camping in We provide a quality and affordable camping tent for anyone wanting to enjoy the great

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