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Truck Tents For Camping Above Ground

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Truck tents and tailgate tents allow you to camp inside your vehicle. The Full Size Camper Top and Mid-size Camper Top Tents are perfect for “off-the-ground” camping.

Using Truck Tents For Camping avoids having to prepare a tent site. With a conventional tent, campers have to find and prepare a dry, level area large enough to set up camp.

With truck tents, campers can easily avoid these things, making camping quick and easy. Even better, sleeping in your pickup bed will better protect you from cold, windy conditions and away from those “creepy crawlers”.

Truck tents are also great space-savers. Whether you are in a campground, on a hunting trip, or fishing along the river bank in the middle of nowhere, these unique tents fit your needs. Your choices of campsites are limitless.

Truck Tents Gaining Popularity in the USA

Incorporating your vehicle into your camping experience is gaining popularity. It is an efficient and practical way to enjoy the outdoors with maximum comfort. DAC, Inc. has ushered in this concept with their Camper Top Tents for trucks with camper shells (caps) and the Explorer 2 Tent for minivans and SUVs with lift gates (hatchbacks).

The Camper Top Tents are a great way to convert your vehicle into a complete camping unit with minimum setup time.

Truck Tents Come In Different Sizes-You Need To Check First:

To determine the proper size tent for your truck, simply lower the tailgate down and measure its overall width. If the width of the tailgate is LESS THAN 58 inches (147 centimeters), you should purchase the Mid-size Camper Top Tent. If the tailgate width measures 58 inches OR MORE, your truck needs the Full Size Camper Top Tent. There is also a reference table which tells you which tent you need by the vehicle’s make and model.

Camper Top Tent Features:

Our tents are made of heavy duty, water repellent, flame retardant, and mildew resistant polyester. The side-walls are blue and roof is tan. Heavy duty bungee cord with plastic coated hooks attaches inside the vehicles rear tire well to hold the tent firmly against the truck.

Occupants inside the truck are protected from mosquitoes by no-see-um netting. Enjoy easy entry into the tent using two-way zippers and an inverted “T” design of the insect screen and outer door panels. A carrying bag is also included.

The tent can be setup in less than 5 minutes. After using, it folds into about the space of a shoe box for easy storage. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a company warranty.

“Enjoy and Protect the Great Outdoors”


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